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The LDLA offers a type of membership for everyone.  Payment for dues for one full year

is required with application.  Membership categories are as follows:


Laboratory Membership

Laboratory membership is open to any Commercial Dental Laboratory located in Louisiana and is owned and operated by a person or persons of good character or reputation.  Laboratory Members shall have one vote, may designate one representative and have all rights and privileges as set forth in the bylaws of the LDLA.


ANNUAL DUES (based on number of technicians):

         1-2 technicians:  $154

         3-5 technicians:  $181.50

         6-10 technicians:  $209

         11-20 technicians:  $236.50

         Over 20 technicians:  $264

Associate Membership

Associate Membership is open to an individual who is an educator of dental technology; a representative of a manufacturer or supplier; a technician that works in a non-member lab; a commercial dental laboratory outside the state of Louisiana; schools of dental technology accredited by the ADA; member of another state component; or one who lives in a state where no NADL component is available.  Note:  Dental laboratory owners operating a laboratory in Louisiana may not join as an Associate member.  Associate members shall have all rights and privileges as set forth by the bylaws of the LDLA.


If a company/laboratory joins as an associate member, all employees may attend meetings at member rates.  Dues expire with the calendar year.


ANNUAL DUES:  $66 (individual membership)

                          $120 (company/laboratory)

Student Membership

Student membership is open to any student from an institution offering a dental technology program.  Dues expire with calendar year.


ANNUAL DUES:  $16.50